Week Ending: May 11th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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We hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend. As the sunshine spread over most of the country, and while the weather has stayed pleasant this week, you’re officially excused from missing some of the biggest news in I.T. and Tech. But as always, we’ve been keeping an eye on it and are here again to get you back up to speed.

Twitter Passwords Hiding in Plain Sight

If you’re a Twitter user, the chances are you’ve been sent a notification this week to change your password. That’s because the social media giant discovered a bug which meant passwords were stored in plain text in an internal system.

The warning was issued to its 336 million users, however Twitter claimed there was little to no risk to its users following this discovery. Naturally, with news of data breaches seemingly popping up on a weekly basis at the moment, it’s understandable that users were concerned.

You can read what some leading experts have had to say on the news here.

“Hello, it’s Google calling”

This week saw Google’s annual I/O developer conference where it outlined its plans for coming years and premiered some of its biggest developments.

One development that seems to be making much of the headlines is an update that will allow your Google assistant to make calls and book appointments on your behalf. We’re impressed, very impressed in fact, as the Google assistant manages to hold a conversation on the phone.

It means we could see Google seamlessly booking us appointments in the future. Have a look at how the technology works here.

However, although undeniably impressive, as with every AI development it’s not gone down well with some commentators labelling it “scary as hell”.

Working in Augmented Reality

Finally, recent findings have revealed that 82% of enterprises expect to use AR smart goggles by 2021.

Businesses of all sizes are already starting to provide their workforce with smart glasses such as; ThirdEye, Alphabet and WRMedia S.r.l and usage is only set to increase. The glasses are capable of displaying Augmented Reality and virtual elements onto a display which overlaps onto the real world, meaning maps could be in front of you as you drive without your eyes leaving the road

Could you see a use for AR technology in your business?

Those were some of this week’s top stories but if you want more content, follow us across our four social media channels.