Week Ending: June 15th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week has been full of I.T. and tech news stories, most prominently relating to data breaches and their short and long-term impact. Let’s jump into the stories which have been making the headlines this week in our industry.

Dixons Carphone hack

Dixons Carphone has been the victim of a largescale cyberattack, it was revealed this week, which may have compromised 5.9 million payment cards. The news broke with the company believing that there have been hacking attempts since July 2017 in one of the company’s processing systems for Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores.

So far there has been no evidence of any fraudulent use of this information as the majority of cards have been protected by chip and pin. Additionally, 1.2 million personal data records have been hacked with email details, names and addresses being breached.

We are extremely disappointed and sorry for any upset this may cause. The protection of our data has to be at the heart of our business, and we’ve fallen short here. We’ve taken action to close off this unauthorised access and though we have currently no evidence of fraud as a result of these incidents, we are taking this extremely seriously.

Alex Baldock, Chief Executive

The breach is currently being investigated by the police and on Wednesday morning Dixons Carphone’s shares dropped 5% in value. Undoubtedly there is a lot more to come from this story - read more via Sky News.

Yahoo’s 2014 data breach to cost £250,000

We have news of both a recent data breach and a historic one this week as it was announced that the UK’s data watchdog has issued a £250,000 fine to Yahoo (now part on an entity named Oath) for violations of the Data Protection Act 1998.

It comes from the 2014 data breach in which hackers stole the data of at least 500 million users and it’s fair to say that with the recent touted figures surrounding violations of GDPR, the fine is somewhat lenient when all is considered.

The data breach was big news back in 2014, however, with more recent hacks, do you think Yahoo has gotten off lightly due to the passing of time? You can read more on TechCrunch.

Cisco’s vision for Networking

Chuck Robbins, the CEO of Claritas partner Cisco, announced the company’s exciting vision for the future of networking at Cisco Live, the company’s annual user event this week. His message to those in attendance was that the network is of great importance, believing that networks will power the future.

It is all about the networks of people, who do we connect with, how do we create more power from being connected, how do we create movements from being connected. We need to think about how data is moving across infrastructure and determine which data has value and how do I maximise that value. In order to accommodate all of these new connections and enable everything that is possible in the future, our networks need to change.

Chuck Robbins, CEO

Cisco has recently gone back to its roots under Chuck Robbins, focusing on being the world’s biggest and most important network vendor. You can read more about his keynote speech here.

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