Week Ending: June 22nd - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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In a week where the 2018 World Cup has dominated the news agenda, plenty has also happened in the way of technology news. This week’s top stories involve Tesla, BT and cryptocurrency, so rise up from the subs bench, it’s time for an action replay of this week in I.T and tech news.

Former Tesla employee sued by the company

This week Tesla has filed a lawsuit against Martin Tripp, an ex-employee, after he allegedly hacked into the brand’s systems and passed confidential information on to third parties. Leaked information came in the form of photos and a video of the company’s manufacturing systems.

Although Tesla’s investigation is ongoing, it has already suffered significant and continuing damages as a result of Tripp’s misconduct, which it seeks to recover through this action.

Tesla spokesperson

Tesla said that the employee had admitted to some of the wrongdoing after being confronted with evidence. Read more about this via The BBC.

BT fined for spam emails

The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined BT £77,000 for the sending of close to 5 million spam emails to customers without their consent.

An investigation found that BT had not received proper consent for the direct marketing activity which saw it promote three charities between December 2015 and November 2016. The investigation was launched after a complaint was received by a customer who believed they’d been contacted despite opting out of direct marketing emails.

Organisations have a responsibility to ensure they are acting within the law. Where they do not, the ICO can and will take action. This particular investigation was prompted by a concerned member of the public. We investigated the matter and uncovered the full extent of this activity which shows how important it is for people to report nuisance emails.

Steve Eckersley, Head of the ICO

Read the full report via This is Money.

Bithumb cyber-cash seized

Seoul-based crypto-coin exchange halted its trading this week after announcing that hackers had seized £24m worth of cyber-cash. The company explained that it would fully compensate customers who had been affected by this, however, the value of Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum all dropped upon hearing the news.

Korean local regulator, the Korea Internet and Security Agency, were notified of the attack which cryptocurrency enthusiasts no doubt have a very close eye on.

Those were some of this week’s top stories but if you want more content, follow us across our four social media channels.