Week Ending: July 20th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week’s roundup brings you news regarding Google’s biggest ever fine, a bug in an information management system, which is used by UK schools, and new entrants to Computer Weekly’s Hall of Fame. Take two minutes out of your week to ensure you’re ‘in the know’.

Google receives its biggest ever fine

Google has received a record fine of £3.9bn over Android, it was revealed this week. The fine comes as The European Commission explained that Google had used Android to illegally ‘cement its dominant position’ in search.

The search giant has plans to appeal the fine and Alphabet, the company’s parent, has 90 days to change its business practices or suffer further penalties of up to 5%.

Of course, the company can easily pay this sum of money however, it is worth noting that it is the biggest fine the firm has received to date. Three allegations against Google, as detailed via BBC were:

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Rowan Atkinson hoax scam

An online scam claiming the death of beloved UK actor, Rowan Atkinson, has resurfaced online. The hoax content, which is set out to look like a breaking news story, leads to a call to action for the user to click a video of the ‘late’ actor.

Of course it is fake news and once the user clicks the play button they are met with a fake security error page claiming that their computer is locked and that they should call a specific number for help. It doesn’t take an I.T. expert to advise never to call this number however it’s expected many unfortunately will be doing so.

The fake post is one that first surfaced back in 2017 and, according to Hoax Slayer, it’s a scam that has the potential to infect users’ computers with a virus.

We feel sorry for Rowan for being dragged into this and sorry for those who do pick up the phone. Read about this further via the Mail Online.

Most influential women in IT 2018 named

Finally, to finish on a positive note, Computer Weekly announced this year’s inductees into its Hall of Fame of Most Influential Women in UK IT.

Each year, Computer Weekly, recognises a number of standout women for their lifetime achievements in their respective fields. This year’s entrants to the Hall of Fame include:

A huge well done ladies, from all of us at Claritas! To read about their achievements and the existing members of Computer Weekly’s Hall of Fame click here.

Those were some of this week’s top stories but if you want more content, follow us across our four social media channels.