Week Ending: July 27th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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Welcome the last weekly I.T. and tech roundup of July. This week’s update includes stories regarding the demand for malware on the dark web, Windows using machine learning to stop unwanted updates and how Harry Potter could help kids get into coding.

Malware marketplace found on the dark web

Researchers at Positive Technologies recently looked at the dark web and uncovered that the demand for malware creation is three times greater than the supply. Their findings were based on an analysis of over 10,000 posts featuring on dark web markets.

Cybercrime is truly thriving in, well, the place for cyber-crime, with researchers finding that cyber criminals do not necessarily need advanced technical knowledge and that if the right money is on the virtual table, any manner of attack is feasible. A targeted attack on a business can cost upward of $4,500 with the leading type of malware being cryptocurrency miners.

Read more about the findings via Computer Weekly.

Machine learning now used to stop those annoying Windows updates

We’ve all been there, in the middle of a crucial document or email when Windows decides that now is the time for an all-important update. You’ve been putting off for too long, haven’t you? You’ve been stalling, delaying the inevitable and now Windows is getting its revenge.

Well, good news, folks. Microsoft’s recent update to Windows 10 will feature machine learning, stopping this very thing from happening. The company explained this week that it has trained a “predictive model” that will analyse the best time to restart the device thanks to machine learning.

We will not only check if you are currently using your device before we restart, but we will also try to predict if you had just left the device to grab a cup of coffee and return shortly after.

Dona Sarkar, Microsoft Windows Insider Chief

It’s a positive step from Microsoft – to read the full story, visit The Verge.

“You’re a coder, Harry”

Coding for kids company, Kano, announced a huge licencing deal this week which will bring the magic of Harry Potter to coding, or depending on how you see it, the magic of coding to Harry Potter.

What started initially as a Kickstarter, Kano has been phenomenally successful in getting kids into coding, receiving backing from Sesame Street’s, Sesame Ventures. The company has a coding program based on the popular children’s show and now it is launching a new coding kit.

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit uses a wand to teach kids how to code with over 70 challenges for them to perfect their skills. It is the first piece of Harry Potter merchandise aimed at helping kids engage in STEM. To read the full story, visit the Telegraph and for an insight into a life of coding from one of our junior developers click here.

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