Week Ending: August 10th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week’s roundup features censorship, security bugs and police - the law enforcement kind, not the band. Check out what’s been happening as we move through August.

OpenEMR has been vulnerable to security bugs for years

Cybersecurity group, Project Insecurity, has audited patient management system OpenEMR and found almost 30 different security bugs, which would have allowed hackers to access sensitive data. These bugs have meant the health records of almost 100 million people worldwide have been at risk.

OpenEMR is one of the world’s most widely used patient and practice management systems – the work done by the cybersecurity firm has now patched many of the bugs it found leaving the system in a much better shape.

Read the full story here.

China censors the BBC

The BBC has recently moved all of its web addresses from "HTTP" to the more secure "HTTPS" – and as a result China has blocked access to all BBC sites in the country.

It’s well known that “HTTPS” sites are routinely blocked in China, so this will not come as a surprise to those at the BBC. The corporation has recommended using either a virtual private network (VPN) or the Psiphon app to circumvent the block.

If you’re interested, here’s a comprehensive list of all the websites blocked in China, which include Google, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and now the BBC!

The UK government pledges £100m to bring the police into the digital age

The UK government is putting £100 million towards the transformation of the British police forces. The money will bring them more in line with the digital age and give the police the capabilities to deal with digital threats like cybercrime and online fraud. It will also provide training on digital environments, so they can be flexible as new predicaments unfold.

The investment will also allow them to deliver a unified I.T. system across policing systems and different forces.

Criminals don’t stand still, and neither should our police forces. We’re determined to support police leaders in creating a modern, agile and responsive police service.

The Police Transformation Fund is delivering real change in policing, and this new funding will continue to help forces improve efficiency and tackle threats like serious and organised crime.

Minister for Policing and the Fire Service, Nick Hurd

Read where all the money will be spent here.

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