Week Ending: September 28th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week’s roundup of I.T. and tech news is the last of the month and looks at a data breach at accountancy and financial planning company Old Mill, as well as the hefty price an early Apple-I computer has recently sold for and how WannaCry and NotPetya are inspiring a new range of malware.

How more than 7,000 businesses had personal details leaked

Old Mill, an accountancy and financial planning firm based in the South of England has apologised following a data breach of more than 7,000 business’ details.

It is understood that the company were made aware of the breach in July, but spent a number of months negotiating the deletion of the data.

Duncan Parkes, the data protection officer for Old Mill issued the apology, stating: “We take our clients’ data protection very seriously and have strict policies, however on this occasion, we acknowledge we made an error and apologise for this.”

Find out more here.

Apple-I sells for £230,000

The Apple-I computer, one of the first products sold by Apple, was designed by founding partner Steve Wozniak and went up for sale in 1976 for $666.66 USD.

A recent auction in Boston, Massachusetts saw one of the last functioning Apple-I machines sell for a huge $375,000, or £230,000. According to an online registry, just 79 of the 200 machines made still exist, with only a few still functioning.

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WannaCry and NotPetya inspire a new range of malware

McAfee’s latest report indicates that the WannaCry and NotPetya designs and techniques that made headlines in 2017 are inspiring a new range of malware which exploit software vulnerabilities.

“WannaCry and NotPetya provided cyber criminals compelling examples of how malware could use vulnerability exploits to gain a foothold on systems and then quickly propagate across networks,” said Christiaan Beek, lead scientist and senior principal engineer with McAfee Advanced Threat Research.

The WannaCry ransomware made headlines in 2017 when a number of NHS trusts were affected, however it affected a number of other organisations worldwide including Hitachi, Honda and Fedex.

Read more about the recent report via Computer Weekly here.

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