Week Ending: December 14th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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The overwhelming politics news coverage this week means it’s easy to miss key news stories in I.T. and technology at the moment. Fear not though, as this is where we come in.

This week’s roundup takes a look at what the National Cyber Security Centre is doing to inspire young, female coders as well as stories on Google and why the NHS is underprepared for a cyberattack.

National Cyber Security Centre to inspire next generation of female coders

This week has been an exciting one for the National Cyber Security Centre as it launched its nationwide cybersecurity competition for young girls.

The initiative has been set up to inspire the next generation of female coders and tackle the problem of only 11% of the global cyber workforce being female. The competition encouraged 12 and 13-year-old girls to get involved in code-cracking and problem-solving, with the aim of steering them towards computer science studies for GCSE and then on to further similarly related qualifications.

NCSC deputy director, Chris Ensor explained: "Often we talk about boys, girls, male, female, but ultimately we want people across the spectrum working in this space who will bring different things.

"They might have the same technical skills but they look at things in a different way, approach problems in a different way, they will do teamwork in a different way and that’s what brings the magic.

Read more about this via Sky News.

Google chief denies political bias

US politicians have accused Google chief Sundar Pichai of political bias when quizzing him recently about the way the search giant runs its business.

Answering questions from members of the House Judiciary Committee, Google was accused of having "programmed" bias against conservative views into its algorithms. Alongside this, Pichai was questioned thoroughly on the amount of data which Google has amassed and what it did with this data.

He of course denied the allegations of political bias saying he had "issues" with studies that claimed to show the firm’s search results excluded right-wing views.

2018 has been a tough year for tech giants - you can read the responses of Sundar via the BBC.

NHS could face major cybersecurity threats due to lack of investment

A Freedom of Information request has revealed slightly damning results about the cybersecurity expertise of NHS employees.

The finding showed a lack of investment, lack of trained staff and problems with hiring trained professionals. According to Freedom of Information requests which were submitted by Redscan, it was revealed that NHS trusts employ one cybersecurity professional for more than 2,500 employees and almost a quarter of trusts have no cybersecurity qualifications, whatsoever.

It goes without saying that this lack of investment and forward planning poses great threats to the NHS’ cybersecurity. Read the full story via IT Pro Portal.

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