Week Ending: January 11th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week’s roundup comes in the same week as CES 2019 in Las Vegas - one of the world’s largest technology conferences. So apart from flying cars, Google assistants and robots, what may have slipped the net in terms of I.T. news? Let’s take a look.

German hacker confesses to being behind data breach

A 20-year-old hacker has this week confessed to being behind a data breach which affected hundreds of high-profile German people, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

With a username of “G0d”, the hacker managed to access and share the private information of celebrities, politicians and journalists on Twitter. This included telephone numbers, addresses, credit card data, photographs and private communications.

German police managed to locate and arrest the individual in the state of Hesse, Germany on Sunday and the 20-year-old has been cooperative since.

He explained to police that he had no training in computer science and instead taught himself all the skills he needed in order to carry out the hack in what police called a ‘sophisticated operation’.

Read more on the story via the BBC.

Windows 10 update to claim 7GB of disk space

Microsoft has revealed that its new update to Windows 10 is scheduled to take a chunk of disk space from the user’s computer in order to reserve this for Windows’ own purposes.

‘Reserved Storage’ will mean that users have less space on their computer thanks to Windows, however there would be less worry around fitting in updates and other material.

Microsoft has tried to tackle the problem of disk space over a number of years but is now taking more drastic measures by claiming the space regardless. For users, they can use their PCs without the worry of space being eaten up by a huge Windows update which is downloaded without them noticing. Naturally, it has created a discussion among the I.T. community this week.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? We’ll see in time.

Read more via The Register.

I.T. teams unsure about their data compliance

A recent report has found that many I.T. professionals do not believe that their business has the necessary level of compliance when it comes to data management regulations.

Whilst the majority of professionals believed that complying with GDPR and other data regulations was paramount, a number were unsure that their businesses were ahead with this, believing ‘changing business processes and cultural requirements’ have been greater barriers for businesses to overcome in comparison to tech issues therefore more time and resource has been allocated to these things.

Is I.T. and data management often an after-thought in your business? It will be interesting to see if these topics move further up the agenda as we move through 2019.

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