Week Ending: February 8th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week’s I.T. and technology roundup takes a look at the testing of 8Gbps broadband in the UK; how over 59,000 data breaches have been reported since GDPR, and also why data management is keeping professionals in the industry awake at night.

8Gbps broadband trialled in Cambridgeshire

The future of broadband in the UK? This week Virgin Media tested 8Gbps broadband in eight homes in the village of Papworth, Cambridgeshire. With hopes to expand this to 50 houses, 8Gbps gives users significantly faster internet speeds. For perspective - a user should be able to download a high-definition film of 5GB in five seconds with this broadband type.

Commenting on our hunger for faster internet speeds, Richard Sinclair, executive director of connectivity at Virgin Media said: "With the volume of our customers’ internet usage almost doubling every year, trials like this will ensure we have the capability to meet the demand of data-hungry services in the future - be that over cable or full fibre."

Read more via the BBC.

Over 59,000 data breaches reported since GDPR

Over 59,000 data breaches have been logged since the introduction of GDPR last year and from this number, 10,600 are said to be in the UK.

The worrying report comes from law firm, DLA Piper, which found that the Netherlands suffered the most with the UK ranking in tenth place in a table which no one wants to be high-scoring.

A total of 91 fines (not all relating to data breaches) have been reported since May 2018 and the introduction of GDPR. €50 million is the highest of these fines, made against Google, however the company is appealing the decision.

ItProPortal covers the data breach story here.

Security is top data management challenge

Growing data volumes has meant that security is the industry’s biggest challenge, research has found. Businesses are amassing large amounts of data in order to enhance their services but the automation of data management within organisations comes with its fair share of challenges.

Data management automation includes the use of a number of technologies in order to process data and allow productive business decisions to be made. Whenever large amounts of data is involved, a clear and coherent strategy needs to be set – something which has not always been the case for every business.

The worry from professionals within businesses is that as the data increases so do the risks. We’ve seen a number of breaches in recent years and these have not always been because of hacking - some have come from a failure internally to successfully configure data-related technologies.

Read about the recent research via IT World.

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