Week Ending: April 26th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week’s I.T. and technology roundup explores Huawei’s future in the UK; how the recent ShadowHammer attack has affected more businesses than first expect, and why you should be extra vigilant with your online information if you work in Engineering or R&D.

Huawei OK says UK

The UK appears set to allow Huawei telecoms equipment to be part of the country’s 5G networks, with some limitations. The news means Theresa May is willing to let the Chinese firm, which has been blocked in recent years by the US and Australia, proceed despite the rumoured risk of a potential cyberattack.

The worry is that Huawei would be used by China to target other countries, which has led to some being fearful of the firm. Of course, Huawei deny they’d ever do something like this, however the UK plans to limit Huawei’s equipment to certain parts of the country, a measure which will manage the risk of any untoward activity it is believed.

Read why Huawei is under the spotlight via BBC.

ShadowHammer attack affects more companies

Research has found that the recent Operation ShadowHammer supply chain attack, which Asus suffered from in March, may have affected more companies than first thought.

Security researchers have said this week that at least six companies were infiltrated during the supply chain raid last month and that they’re notifying these companies.

The attack was first noticed on Asus laptops after the Asus Live Update Utility Tool was infected. Despite the fact that the malware was present in thousands of machines, only 600 were targeted researchers have said, although that number may rise.

A source working on behalf of the research company commented, “The selected vendors are extremely attractive targets for APT groups that might want to take advantage of their vast customer base. It is not yet very clear what the ultimate goal of the attackers was and we are still researching who was behind the attack."

Read more via ITProPortal.

Specific job roles targeted by phishing attacks

Engineering and R&D job titles are the most targeted by hackers through phishing attacks, a recent research report has found. Bad news for those who work in these industries as it seems their information is most wanted by cybercriminals. With the risk of a cyberattack constantly on the rise, it’s important to stay extra vigilant.

Second to these job roles were low-level employees who were then followed by high-level management and executives in the targeting table which no one wants to be top of.

Does it surprise you that some roles are targeted over others?

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