#Techspiration - Sundar Pichai

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Our latest #Techspiration takes focus on the current CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. Let’s explore Sundar’s roots, his rise to one of the most challenging and coveted positions across the globe, and find out why he’s a Techspiration to us at Claritas.

Grace Hopper and colleagues at UNIVAC


What makes him great?

Sundar Pichai was able to work his way up to his current position of CEO of Google in 2015 due to his ability to create brilliant teams who delivered great products. In his product management role at Google he oversaw the development of different applications such as; Gmail, Google Maps and Chrome book – technology used by large parts of the world on a daily basis.

Pichai led the company through one of its major changes, moving from just software related solutions to hardware and retail. Under his guidance, Google expanded in 2015 to restructure its sprawling business and created parent company, Alphabet. Alphabet became the home for more experimental projects such as space exploration and anti-ageing research.

Why he’s a techspiration to Claritas

Breaking many stereotypes, Sundar Pichai is known for keeping his work/life balance. While being the CEO of Google is certainly a high-pressured and challenging role, he believes in working smart and not hard, to boost efficiency and productivity.

His leadership style of empathy, an even temper and thoughtfulness, has meant he is considered very highly within the business and is popular among employees. Pichai was one of the highest-rated CEOs on Glassdoor in 2017, receiving a 96% approval rating from respondents.

Our Favourite Quote

Wear your failure as a badge of honour and start again.