The Impact of Coronavirus on the Cyber World

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Important actions for employees and employers to implement now

In these unprecedented times, businesses have faced more challenges than ever before. With Covid-19 comes a time to put employees’ health and wellbeing at the top of the priority list more than ever, while trying to keep a business functioning as normal.

Every day brings a different challenge, a new twist or turn that employees and employers must adapt to. With all of this to consider, it must be asked, how can employers ensure operational resilience company-wide and the highest level of security with the quick switch to remote working?

Companies across all industries are vulnerable to cyberthreats throughout this pandemic. Therefore, security must play a key part in ensuring that these threats are limited and managed in this time as businesses need to ensure that they can deliver vital online services.

Key actions should to be considered by employees

Be mindful of strange looking links

Coronavirus-themed domains are 50% more likely to be malicious than other domains. Be careful not to click on any strange looking links, especially relating to coronavirus – attackers are using malicious links to prompt people to click.

Don’t let your family use your work devices.

Whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop or tablet, make sure only you use your company devices.

Use only employer approved storage

Your work and data should always be kept in approved and secure locations that are only accessible to authorised personnel.

Only use employer approved devices

Use employer approved devices to connect to company networks unless authorisation has been given by your I.T. department to use personal devices.

Make sure your Wi-Fi is secure

If you are connecting through your own Wi-Fi, you need to ensure that you have strong passwords and avoid public or unsecured networks.

Key messages for immediate effect for I.T. teams

Check crisis management

Make sure to check incident response capabilities internally and the availability of providers. Key things to check include the end-to-end process and whether it will be impacted, and will processes still work when the vast majority of people are working from home?

Ensure employees are made aware of threats

Employees should be given up to date information about increases in phishing attempts with coronavirus related topics to ensure they do not click any unknown or questionable links.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Implement this on all Virtual Private Networks (VPN) connections and vital cloud services to boost security. If MFA is not actioned, remote workers must have strong passwords.

Implement web filtering technologies

Ensure web and email protection by implementing web filtering technologies to prevent employees from visiting malicious websites, and implement email filtering rules to block any spam and phishing emails.

Ensure endpoint monitoring protection

Look out for suspicious behaviour and multiple deferred patches.

We hope this has provided some useful insight and will help your business and employees stay secure throughout the current pandemic. Raising awareness among employees, I.T. and security teams on being extra cautious over the coming weeks will play a crucial part in maintaining business operations and develop new ways of working.

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