Techspiration - Douglas Engelbart

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Our latest #Techspiration, Douglas Engelbart, is an American inventor who pioneered the computer mouse that we know today. In addition, he developed the basic graphical user interface (GUI) and groupware. Let’s find out more about this month’s #Techspiration!

Douglas Engelbart


What makes him great?

There are many things that make him great. Douglas Engelbart is best known for creating the very first computer mouse and developing devices for inputting, manipulating, and displaying data such as the multiple-window display, and hypermedia (the linking of texts, images, video, and sound files within a single document).

He developed a variety of input devices including joysticks, light pens, and track balls that made it possible for everyday people to use the computer with ease.

And not to mention, he was the prime force behind the research, design, and development of the multi-user ‘oN-Line System’ (called the NLS).

Why he is a ‘techspiration’ to Claritas

In 1963, Engelbart created the Augmentation Research Centre lab at the Stanford Research Institute in California. He pioneered the system for “augmenting human intellect,” where colleagues could collaborate on work through an online information space, otherwise known as the NLS. Then in 1968, Douglas Engelbart and his team presented the NLS at a computer conference in San Francisco. The demonstration was an incredible success and instantly became known as “The Mother of All Demos.”

Our favourite thing?

Engelbart earned over forty awards and recognitions, including the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ John Von Neumann Medal and the Association for Computing Machinery’s Alan M. Turing Award in 1997. He also was awarded 21 patents, including the patent on the mouse.