Week Ending: 19th February - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, hopefully without too much cyber heartbreak, we can focus on more pressing news. If you’ve missed what’s been happening in the I.T. and tech industry you’ll be forgiven, given the headlines this week.

From lockdown let down due to unreliable broadband services, why 2.6 million in the UK are unlikely to take action after a data breach, to how remote learning has increased sales for Chromebook, let’s get you up to date.

Lockdown let down: Broadband customers unhappy with service

We all know that feeling, when you’re on an important Zoom call and your internet cuts out. For many people up and down the country this seems to be a regular occurrence.

According to research released this week by Uswitch, as part of its 2021 Broadband Awards, over half of customers who subscribe to the ‘Big Four’ broadband providers (BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media) feel they’ve been let down by the service they’ve received during lockdown.

Yorkshire’s own, Plusnet, however, was praised and took top spot at the awards, scooping Broadband Provider of the Year, Most Popular Broadband Provider and Best Value Broadband Provider.

It’s true that you only get quality from Yorkshire.

Ernest Doku, broadband expert at Uswitch said:

“The stakes in this year’s Uswitch Broadband Awards have never been higher. Months of lockdown living – and working – have seen millions of people rely on their broadband connection at all times of the day. For the past year, the performance and reliability of our broadband has underpinned our work, social life, and leisure time. Faced with that challenge, the Big Four all found times tough, with none of them scoring a customer satisfaction rate above 50%. This could be a result of the perfect storm of surging demand and a decrease in staffing levels at call centres just as the number of customer issues soared.”

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2.6 Million in the UK are unlikely to take action following a data breach

Data breaches are on the rise, and without the correct cybersecurity in place, many businesses could lose more than just data. Without the right knowledge on what steps to take when a data breach has occurred can lead to repeat attacks or worse!

Research released by Simpson Millar this week found that around 5% of the UK population were unlikely to take action after a data breach. The law firm stated that lack of knowledge is likely to be to blame for the reluctance to take action, as more than half (56%) admitted to just being unsure of what to do after falling victim to a data breach.

Shockingly, only 4 in 10 (39%) of UK adults know what to do to secure their data, with a further third (32%) unaware of what cybercriminals can do with the data they have stolen, leaving them quite exposed.

Cybercriminals can use the data stolen to commit identity fraud by impersonating them to apply for credit cards, loans or even transferring funds to their own account. They can also sell the stolen data on the Dark Web where other criminals can then use it to impersonate someone or gain access to their accounts.

Keeping your data safe online doesn’t just mean changing your passwords every month or making sure your laptop is locked at work, it means taking action. These actions could help prevent future attacks for not only the business but yourself.

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Chromebook sales up 74% in 2020, driven by distance learning

The education system has changed drastically since last year with many students home-schooling and getting their education online.

With students across the UK learning more from their laptops rather than the classroom, demand for Google Chromebook has increased significantly. Last year the software giant saw shipments grow by 74% to 29.6 million units.

And this growth is expected to continue in 2021 with total shipments estimated at 40 million, up by 37% year-over-year (YoY).

However, it’s not just students that are impacting this growth, many consumers have been purchasing Chromebooks due to their affordability and relative ease of maintenance for traditional use during lockdown.

In addition, tablet sales have soared by 17% to 458 million units. Apple dominated this market with 58.8 million shipments during 2020 which was up by 24% year on year. The growth in tablet sales was attributed to its versatility compared to a laptop or PC.

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Those were some of this week’s biggest stories in I.T. and tech, but if you want more content, follow us across our four social media channels.