Claritas Spotlight - Christine Smethurst

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Here at Claritas, we like to shine our spotlight on the fantastic staff we have, exploring their roles, their previous experience and also who they are as a person – including their likes and dislikes on everything from food to travel!

Our latest spotlight is on one of the newest members of the Claritas team, Business Development Manager, Christine Smethurst.

We talk to Christine about her role at Claritas, her career goals and what she gets up when she’s not busy selling.

Christine Smethurst

Tell us about your role at Claritas

My role at Claritas involves new business development and account management. It’s an evolving role, for instance recently, I have been involved in blog writing.

Where were you prior to Claritas?

I worked in the dental sector for over 20 years, including sales, marketing, education and the clinical side of things. In my last role, which was in the dental payment space, I grew the business in the North of England, gaining significate market share during my two years of employment.

What does your normal working day at Claritas consist of?

As I’m relatively new, I am doing lots of shadowing so I can understand the business needs and objectives. I’m also seeking new business opportunities and supporting current clients. Due to Covid-19, we are limited with some activities but hopefully later this year I will be back on the road, seeing clients and attending events, which is really exciting.

What is the thing you enjoy most about your job?

So far, everything! I love speaking to current clients who love everything we do. These meetings are always really great, lots of positive conversations and stacks of laughter. This is also echoed with the conversations we have with vendors, all equally as nice and really helpful.

What are your career goals?

My short-term goals are just to get up to speed with everything. Long term, I would like to manage major accounts at Claritas and become a senior BDM. I see Claritas as a long-term home for me due to its people and opportunities. It really is a wonderful company, they care for their employees and clients.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

I love seeing friends and family. I really am a social butterfly, if I could have a house full of people every day I would.

Tell us a quirky fact about yourself?

I can Russian Dance, totally self- taught.

What 3 things could you not live without?

  • Make-up, I wear it every day.
  • Music, I love a car or kitchen disco.
  • Indian food… And obviously my family… Sorry - that’s 4!.

Thanks for talking to us, Christine! It’s been great getting to know more about your role here at Claritas and that if we need a Russian dancing lesson we know where to come!