Week Ending: 11th June - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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It was difficult to miss the news about the internet crash this week. For updates on the Fastly internet meltdown, a major password leak, plus much more from the I.T. and tech world this week, keep reading as we bring you a weekly round up…

One Fastly Customer Triggered Internet Meltdown

Cloud-computing company, Fastly, caused a major internet blackout earlier this week. The blackout hit many high-profile websites such as Amazon, Twitch and The Guardian, with many displaying an ‘Error 503 Service Unavailable’ message.

Speculation on what caused it has continued throughout the week, whether it was just human error, or a potential cyberattack. Due to Fastly underpinning a lot of major websites, this issue caused quite the stir. With questions around having multiple companies to run the vast infrastructure of the internet rather than a select few to stop any future disruptions.

Reports have arisen that it was due to a software bug that was triggered when one of Fastly’s customers had changed their settings. Nick Rockwell, Senior Engineering Executive at Fastly commented

“This outage was broad and severe and we’re truly sorry for the impact to our customers and everyone who relies on them.”

Fastly operates servers at strategic points around the world to help customers move and store content close to their end users. When a customer legitimately changed its settings, it exposed a bug in a software update that caused 85% of their network to return errors.

A bug fix has been deployed across all networks and Fastly has promised a post mortem of the processes and practices they followed during the incident to figure out why the bug wasn’t detected during their software quality assurance and testing processes.

Not only did this blackout cause issues around the globe, but it could also have led to potential vulnerabilities to companies that use Fastly that cybercriminals could exploit. Luckily, the impact was short lived and only lasted a couple of hours without too much disruption.

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The mother of all password leaks, with billions of credentials exposed

A recent report from CyberNews has surfaced stating that a 100GB text file containing a shocking 8.4 billion password entries was leaked on a popular hacker forum this week. With a data set combining passwords stolen via previous data breaches and leaks that has now been dubbed the “RockYou2021” as a nod to the ‘RockYou’ data breach in 2009.

This data leak has been described as one of the largest collections of stolen passwords, which means there is a strong chance that you may be caught up in this leak. CyberNews has recommended that anyone who wishes to check to see if their passwords are included should visit the leaked password checker, where password entries from the RockYou2021 compilation are being uploaded.

CyberNews have also commented

“By combining 8.4 billion unique password variations with other breach compilations that include usernames and email addresses, threat actors can use the RockYou2021 collection to mount password dictionary and password spraying attacks against untold numbers of online accounts. Since most people reuse their passwords across multiple apps and websites, the number of accounts affected by credential stuffing and password spraying attacks in the wake of this leak can potentially reach millions, if not billions.”

Changing your passwords regularly is best practice but with this latest development in cyberattacks it may be time to give your password a refresh.

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Apple iOS 15 update to silence late-night emails from the office

Worldwide technology giant, Apple, will be releasing its latest software update iOS 15 in the coming months with one of the main features being a ‘focus mode’ that will stop devices from sending notifications from certain contacts or apps.

Focus is a new feature that filters notifications and apps based on what the user wants to focus on. Different modes can be activated, such as one for work and one for home. This can limit alerts depending on the time of day, making sure that when you log off at 5pm you won’t be interrupted in the evening by emails flooding in.

Customers can set their device to help them be in the moment by creating a custom Focus or selecting a suggested Focus, which uses on-device intelligence to suggest which people and apps are allowed to notify them.

This latest feature is an evolution of Apple’s Do Not Disturb, in an effort to combat employee burnout.

Users can also create Home Screen pages with apps and widgets that apply to moments of focus to only display relevant apps and reduce temptation, no more scrolling on Facebook for hours!

In addition, when a user is using Focus to block incoming notifications, their status is automatically displayed to others in Messages, reflecting that a user is not currently reachable.

This latest update may be the solution we all need to stop procrastinating!

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