Week Ending: December 1st - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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Rather astonishingly, December is here so let’s start off this week’s roundup with quick question. How many of the below quotes have you heard in the office already?

  1. “2017, where did it go?”
  2. “Have you started yours yet?”
  3. “It’s getting cold now, mind”

Our guess is 2/3 at least and, if not, be prepared to hear them this coming month.

This week’s news has of course been dominated by the announcement of a royal engagement however as neither Harry nor Megan have a significant background in coding or cyber security, we shan’t be talking about them. Instead we’ve got some stories in I.T. and tech which you may have missed.

4G connectivity coming to the London Underground

Video streamers, callers, emailers and many more can rejoice as in 2019 the London Underground will have 4G connectivity throughout.

The news was confirmed by Transport for London this week after a successful trial this summer in selected locations.

"This is a brilliant initiative and part of our work to improve connectivity at home, in our high streets, public spaces and across the transport network," said London's Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell.

"TfL's innovation shows we can make a real difference and benefit Londoners through using city-wide public assets in a smarter way, starting with the tube."

News that surely we can all get on board with - let’s hope for a smooth implementation as we move towards a time where we can be reached by a cold caller 24/7 without any excuses. The future will be fascinating.

Firefox to warn users when websites have been hacked

Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox browser, are working on a notification feature named ‘Breach Alerts’. The alerts will notify users when they click on to a website which has been involved in a hacking incident.

Working in collaboration with researcher Troy Hunt of HaveIBeenPwned, one of the most-trusted (and oldest) breach notification services, the companies will share data to determine which sites have been involved in an incident and alert Firefox users.

HaveIBeenPwned’s records include billions of cases therefore the cross-referencing with Breach Alerts will come with some weight behind it. However, there is one crucial limitation in that Hunt is only able to add breaches that are brought to his team’s attention.

The feature is currently an experiment but given Firefox’s emphasis on safety for its uses, the premise is a sound one.

Predictions for the storage industry, 2018

Finally, the always brilliant, Information Age, has come together with Spectra Logic this week to share predictions for the data storage industry.

Mapping the landscape for 2018, their lengthy article offers an insight into things such as: GDPR, archive practices, Flash, cloud computing and more.

To get ahead of the game, you can read the article here.

Those were some of this week’s biggest stories in I.T. and tech but if you want more content, follow us across our four social media channels.