Week Ending: December 22nd - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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The last weekly roundup of the year is here, and it comes with stories on cryptocurrency and the jobs it’s creating, the potential dangers of facial recognition technology and 2017’s most impressive gadgets. Grab a mince pie and jump in.

New careers via cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a word you’re likely to have heard a lot of over the past year. The buzz-worthy topic has been creating somewhat of a stir, not just in circles of tech-lovers, but in the general press in 2017.

Bitcoin is the biggest name and it has seen a surge in the past 12 months which have investors watching very closely. While cryptocurrency could be about to experience a watershed moment, the jobs it’s creating has been talked about less-so.

Research from job site Indeed has found job listings mentioning keywords such as “Bitcoin”, “blockchain” or “cryptocurrency” have increased drastically since November 2015 - a huge 621% to be more precise. And with this, supply is growing too - the website reports a 1,065% growth in searches for roles mentioning those three terms.

Forbes wrote a great article on the types of jobs available currently in the cryptocurrency space which you can read more in depth here.

Very interesting considering there is a current skills shortage in the cybersecurity sector, which is reportedly about to lead to a soar in wages to combat this. With the increase in cryptocurrency, it will be vital to have cybersecurity experts well versed in the currency to take on hackers.

Now may be the time for a career change?

Security risks of facial recognition technology

Everyday technology continues to advance and if you’re the owner of a current smartphone you have an incredible amount of technology in your pocket.

This week, TechWorld looked at facial recognition technology and the potential dangers surrounding it.

Cameras on phones are now linked with unlocking phones and processing payments, a growing trend for retailers. The article discussed the potential for hackers to replicate people’s faces in order to unlock phones. Positively, trials doing this have been relatively unsuccessful with WIRED magazine spending thousands of dollars trying to trick iPhone X’s Face ID system.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 however, was compromised by German hackers this year by using a picture of the device owner's eye and a contact lens.

Speaking to cybersecurity experts, TechWorld, learned that a combination of biometrics with another form of security is a better cause of action when it comes to businesses.

Read the full article here.

2017s’ best gadgets

Finally, for those still looking for last minute Christmas presents, look no further. This week, The Guardian rounded up the 40 best gadgets of 2017.

A good sounding board as to what is impressive vs. what will break on Boxing Day, The Guardian’s top 5 picks are:

  1. UBTech Jimu Astrobot Kit (£190)
  2. Nintendo Switch (£280)
  3. Sony Xperia Touch (£1,400)
  4. Panasonic Lumix GH5 (from £1,700)
  5. Oppo PM-3 (£349)

If you’re searching for cheaper alternatives as stocking fillers, the list also includes a wireless charging stand, charging cable and Bluetooth speaker among others.

And that concludes our last I.T. and Tech roundup of the year - we’ll be back in January to pick up where we left off. From all the team at Claritas HQ, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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