#Techspiration – Ada Lovelace

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Throughout the ages there have been inspirational figures who lead by example and are often ahead of the curve.

Everyone has an idol, figures both historic and current who are an inspiration to them and at Claritas HQ we look to those in the industries of I.T. and technology. Our latest #techspiration focuses on a historic female figure from the 19th century.


Ada Lovelace

What makes her great?

Ada wrote the instructions for the very first computer programme before computers even existed. Her mentor, Charles Babbage, was the inventor of ‘the difference engine’ - an algorithm meant to complete mathematical equations. Ada was fascinated by this and was asked to work on his next device, ‘the analytical engine’, which would solve more complex calculations.

After being asked to translate an article on the analytical engine, written by Italian engineer Luigi Federico Menabrea for a Swiss journal, she also added her own ideas on the machine. This culminated in notes three times longer than the original piece.

Ada’s comments showed how codes could be formed for the device to handle symbols, letters and numbers. She proposed a theory for the engine to repeat a series of instructions which is today known as ‘looping’ in computer programs. Her work was ground-breaking for the time and was published in an English science journal.

Why she’s a ‘techspiration’ to Claritas

Because she’s credited with creating the first computer programme, something that changed the course of time. Ada Lovelace’s genius has impacted the lives of everyone who’s ever moved a mouse and typed at a keyboard. She’s a ‘techspiration’ to us working in the I.T. industry but also to the wider computer-using world.

Our favourite quote

That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal; as time will show.

Ada Lovelace

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