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What Our Customers Say

Right from the word go Claritas understood where our I.T. strategy could be enhanced and proposed an intelligent solution. Working with my I.T. team we completed a detailed review and project plan, which was a huge undertaking. Once the programme was in place we saw improvements literally overnight enabling our systems to run effectually and smoothly.
Andrew Haswell, Head of I.T., SMD
Working with Claritas has helped to grow our business and to improve the service that we offer our brand partners. Clartias identified a number of key areas where we could improve the quality of our European network while reducing our overall costs. Their project teams have worked closely with us to ensure a seamless transition from our old networks to our new ones. Companywide communications have been dramatically improved. We continue to work closely with Claritas to identify further projects that will have an equally positive impact on our organisation.
Hubs Bakshi, Head of I.T. McArthurGlen
Prior to working with Claritas our broadband was hit and miss and getting support was difficult and frustrating. With Claritas we received much better support and a single point of contact which resulted in much higher up time and faster response to connectivity problems. Having Claritas deal with and co-ordinate BT and ISPs on our behalf was a huge benefit. Reliability has been great. Installation was seamless too with Claritas doing all the hard work for us. We’ve been with Claritas for 12 years now, I think that speaks for itself!
David Jennions, I.T. Manager, Pactrol
Prior to using Claritas for our in-house telephone system, we had issues with high costs and old equipment that was discontinued and thus difficult to support. We had some quotes from providers directly but these all involved taking out a second internet line, which then made it expensive. Using Claritas Unified Communication as a service (UCaaS) is much cheaper overall. It is also nice to have the softphone option. It was also very easy for users to get used to. Claritas technical support is excellent and this makes a big difference.
Kate Williams, Role, Southern Shipping