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About Us

About Claritas

About Claritas

UK based

Claritas is privately owned and based in Yorkshire. Our helpdesk and all of our technical teams are based in Yorkshire. All of our data centres are spread around the UK and no data or traffic is routed overseas.

Financially independent

Claritas is, and always has been, financially independent. We have no investors to service and no bank loans. We are backed by directors who are also financially independent and committed to the prolonged success of the company. We have access to investment funds that allows us to easily flex in response to contract demands.

Expert at designing highly secure, scalable and robust solutions

Some of the solutions we have designed and are currently supporting, are used in the most sensitive of environments, nationwide and strictly controlled. The nature of these systems demands that security is considered from the outset and is highly available. We have taken everything we have learned from our involvement with these systems and applied these practices to everything we do.

We believe the solutions we build are some of the best systems around and our customers back that up.

Providing end to end solutions, from design, through implementation, to long term support

We have learned over the years that a successful project requires a committed project lead. We have fallen naturally into this role. Providing a single point of contact for all third party vendors ensures we have the best chance of success. Our project managers are fully trained and have, over the years, delivered many successful projects, on time and on budget.

20 years’ experience designing solutions across all sectors

Claritas has designed and delivered solutions from small office applications in the office sector to large nationwide, government projects. Some of the sectors in which we operate, include, Financial, Healthcare, Rail Networks, Retail, System Integration, Case Management, Call Centres and Public Sector Systems.

Highest levels of security

Given the heightened level of threat that now exists on the internet and the sensitivity of some of the systems we administer, we take steps to ensure that our staff, premises and systems are secured to the highest levels. In addition, all of our management servers are protected by the latest security devices and our internal processes are covered by the relevant ISO standards.

We take security very seriously; our reputation depends upon it.