Office Move a Success for Claritas

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Claritas' New Office Breakout

Claritas Enjoying Life in New Home

Claritas Solutions has relocated to new 10,000 square foot premises in Wetherby to accommodate its growing workforce which has seen a 15% increase in the last 12 months.

The tech firm’s recent move to larger premises has helped attract and retain the highest calibre of people as it doubles staff capacity.

The new office has been designed to meet the requirements of its clients’ business and provides secure, spacious and effective workspace with room for further expansion.

Claritas' New Office Sales Working

Claritas’ new offices boast a combination of different functions, all designed to improve staff morale and productivity, increase security and facilitate big contract wins. The office has been split into separate zones, to compartmentalise the office dynamic.

The new premises allow the company to meet the specific needs of each of its business functions.

There are quiet areas dedicated to developers to allow them to focus on coding, a large monitoring wall to keep a close eye on clients’ critical systems, an on-site build room for the third line technical team and a spacious open-plan workspace for sales and admin teams. There is also a dedicated client space with excellent meeting room facilities.

Additionally, a large break-out and kitchen area with comfy sofas, tuck shop, prosecco fridge, TV and X-Box gives employees the opportunity to take some time away from their desk to help reduce stress and improve productivity.