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Our Data Security Solutions

Our Data Security Solutions

Data Loss Prevention

Claritas offers a range of software products to prevent data and information from being leaked, lost or stolen. We partner with leading providers to safeguard your data.

Content Security

Information is your company’s most vital asset, from customer information and financial data to research and sensitive company details. Unintentional or intentional leaking of information could put your company at risk of fines, damage to reputation and missed revenue opportunities. Claritas can help reduce the risk of data exposures and eliminate revenue loss through our range of content security solutions.

Ransomware Prevention

With Ransomware getting increasingly sophisticated, Claritas Solutions is committed to keeping up-to-date with new threats. Many companies are still not prepared to prevent these types of attacks and as a result the infections can bring down critical services, disrupt daily routines and in many cases cause financial loss and damage to a company's reputation. 

Organisations need to focus on preventing Ransomware attacks before they take hold. Claritas can provide the best solutions on the market to prevent all known strains of Ransomware and ensure the latest patches and software are applied when new, vicious variants strike.

Read more about protecting your business from Ransomware in our blog.

Disaster Recovery

If the worst happens, Claritas can provide solutions to ensure your businesses critical functions are restored and back up and running within minutes and with minimal disruption. For more information about Disaster Recovery read our blog

Our Security Partners

Case Studies: Security

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Global Security Delivered Seamlessly

Capita recognised that its existing perimeter firewall solution was nearing the end of its life. Aware of the need for up to date security and the constant threat of cyber criminals, Capita turned to Claritas

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Turning Up the Heat on FMG's Firewall

FMG called upon Claritas to review its existing firewall infrastructure as well as look at implementing increased functionality such as Data Loss Prevention Technology and End Point Encryption.

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Giving Solicitors Complete Protection Reassurance

Clarion required an always on demand email solution; in addition they were looking to reduce the storage headache that the expanding practice was putting upon the I.T. infrastructure.

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